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Crossroads Fellowship Church

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Crossroads Fellowship is a church that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, and loves all people


It is our desire to share the love, grace and mercy of our Lord by being doers of the Word and not hearers only, so that all men and women might come to the knowledge of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ, that none would perish.

If you ever in our area we invite you to be our guest.  Again thank you, please come again.


This timeless short evangelist read, written by our pastor through a vision given by God in 2010 goes behind the veil of the natural into the spiritual, and reveals the reality of Heaven and Hell.

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No One Should Perish!

The Agape' Gospel Message Station will continue!!

"Playing the music, cultivating hearts for Heaven."

Praise God for His goodness! Even though the doors of Crossroads has closed.  The radio ministry which began in January of 2020 will continue on Live365 with the same name given by our late Sister, Sister Donna Watkins.  Pastor Brooks will use the station as and extension of his personal ministry to continue to reach others, and help strengthen the body of Christ.

So keep tuning in and let others know about the station. 


I thank the Lord Jesus for the wonder of His infinite grace and mercy in calling and allowing me to minister to His blood purchased body for over thirty generations.  Time seems to have gone so quickly.  First Lady Brooks and I thank all members, past and present for seeing Christ in us, and for entrusting me to watch over your souls and for your sincere sacrificial support of this ministry over the years.  Although we tried not make our stepping down a fanfare, we are indeed grateful for all who came out and witnessed our final worship service as the founder/ Pastor of Crossroads, especially the pastors who sacrificed their morning services, and who came from near and far to be with us. 

For you who were not able to attend, below is the final message.  Also, to view past pictures, click on Historical Pictures above.  I will still deliver live messages to the sick, shut-ins and others on Sundays (Unless otherwise notified) at 10am. The conference call number is: 1-(605) 313-5753. # 5495357 Again, thank you too all.  May God ever bless and keep you!  We love you eternally!  ---- Pastor and Sister Brooks